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ActionAid Nigeria Calls for Renewed Commitment to Nigeria’s Democracy

Abuja, Nigeria – June 12, 2024

Today, we celebrate a significant milestone in Nigeria's democratic journey. As we commemorate Democracy Day, ActionAid Nigeria acknowledges the efforts of those who have worked tirelessly to entrench democracy in our country. Their sacrifices have given us a voice, a choice, and a chance to shape our collective destiny.


We recognise the importance of effective electoral and judicial systems in safeguarding our democracy and promoting national development. We encourage the government to continue improving these systems, ensuring their impartiality, independence, and transparency. Specifically, we call for the strengthening of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure its independence and ability to conduct free and fair elections that reflect the will of the people.


As we mark this occasion, we are reminded that democracy is a powerful tool for delivering the needs of the people. ActionAid Nigeria urges the government to harness its potential to address the socio-economic challenges facing our nation. By prioritising inclusive and equitable processes, we can ensure that citizens' voices are heard, and their needs are addressed.



Our leaders should prioritise the common good, and work towards revitalising our economy. We urge them to implement and develop economic policies that benefit all Nigerians, create sustainable jobs, and reduce inflation. Specifically, we call on the government to implement a living minimum wage that reflects the current economic realities and ensures that workers can afford a decent standard of living.


ActionAid also urges the government to address the persistent human rights violations in our country and take concrete steps to ensure that all citizens enjoy their fundamental human rights, making sure that perpetrators of human rights violations are held accountable.


Furthermore, we call on the government to prioritise gender equality and women's empowerment, ensuring that women have equal access to political participation, economic opportunities, and social services. ActionAid Nigeria calls on the government to enact strategies that combat gender-based violence, discrimination, and inequality, and ensure that women have a seat at the table in decision-making processes, amplifying their voices and perspectives.


As we commemorate 25 years of democracy, ActionAid Nigeria calls for a renewed commitment to democracy and good governance. We urge the government to work collaboratively with the broader public to develop and implement policies that reflect the needs and aspirations of all Nigerians. 


We can build a democracy that truly delivers for the people, a democracy that promotes accountability, transparency, and good governance. A democracy that ensures Nigeria's wealth benefits all Nigerians, not just a few.


Together, we can make democracy work for the people. A democracy that provides quality education, healthcare, and infrastructure for all. A democracy that creates jobs and opportunities for young people. A democracy that ensures justice and equality for all.



Andrew Mamedu

ActionAid Nigeria