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Electoral violence in Nigeria: A protection model


The challenge of ensuring credible elections as a means of promoting democratic stability and development in Nigeria has led to series of interventions especially since the return of civil rule in 1999.

The un-willingness of the major stakeholders - – parties, aspirants, candidates, supporters –- and even the umpire -– the Electoral Management Body (EMB), to play by the rules has led to disputations of the outcomes of successive elections.

For those concerned with the issues of fundamental reforms in the political and electoral processes, the experience could be frustrating. Yet, the result of some of the interventions, as in the case of the recent Anambra State governorship elections has shown that Nigeria is not in a state of electoral hopelessness.

It provides a fairly credible foundation that can be built upon.

This publication therefore derives from this glimmer of hope and it is intended as resource material for all individuals and organisations that favour the positive interventionist perspective in resolving the crisis of flawed elections in Nigeria.