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Women In The Electoral Process: An Organising Manual


This Manual is a guide to Nigerian female politicians, aspirants, candidates and other stakeholders interested in vying into politics as a career to understand the whole electoral process in Nigeria. The development of the Manual was inspired by the outcome of the State level Women in Politics Fora held in the six SCEEP project focal States of Imo, Akwa Ibom, Kaduna, Lagos, Kano and Plateau in Nigeria. The findings from these fora gave an insight into crucial factors that affect women's participation in the whole electoral process in Nigeria. Thus, this Manual is a direct response to the gaps in the electoral system that keep women and other vulnerable groups out of the process as identified during the consultations. It is intended to inspire and help female aspirants, candidates and others to understand the challenges they are likely to face, the opportunities available to them and the tools they need at all levels of the electoral process to change the narrative, if they want to be active players in the Nigerian political terrain.