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Country Analysis



This country analysis of social movements context in Nigeria was commissioned by ActionAid Nigeria, as part of her efforts to deepen her understanding of Social Movements, identify potential social movements to engage with, and outline a strategy for such engagement with social movements, and evolve a process of engagement that while enhancing the effectiveness of social movements, does not undermine and or erode the autonomy of the movement and the legitimacy of the movement with its constituency.

ActionAid Nigeria is a member of ActionAid federation, a global alliance of organisations focusing on rights, poverty eradication and social transformation in 45 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. ActionAid works with People living in Poverty, the poor and excluded, promoting values and commitment in civil society, institutions, and Government with the aim of achieving structural changes to eradicate injustice and poverty in the world.

The SPAII project is a four-year (2022 - 2025) project funded by Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA). The project aims to improve the realisation of fundamental human and democratic rights and improved, sustainable livelihoods, resilience and protection for young people, especially young women living in marginalisation, including in disaster and protracted crises contexts.

Similarly, AAN is also part of the MOVE, ActionAid’s Global Centre for Social Movements that works to holistically support youth activism and social movements and civil society organisations that want to become more movement minded. The centre constitutes of regional partners and works within three key elements (1) Capacity Building, (2) Direct support for action, organising and campaigning and (3) Research, Analysis and Communication.