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Rewriting Women's Stories

Transforming Communities: A SLOCVAWG Project Report


A baseline assessment conducted by an AAN revealed the prevalence of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Gombe, Imo, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria. As a result, these states were chosen for the implementation of the Strengthening the Capacities of Local Women's Rights Organizations to Combat Violence against Women and Girls (SLOC VAWG) project, targeting 34 communities and 42 schools. These regions suffer from a lack of awareness about the criminal nature of rape, leading to victims and their families concealing such acts. Victim-blaming and the practice of forced or early marriage further perpetuate a culture of silence. The baseline findings also highlight harmful widowhood practices and denial of inheritance rights, especially severe in Imo state. In response, the SLOC VAWG project implemented comprehensive interventions to combat GBV, including awareness campaigns, training programs, engagement with community leaders, improved access to justice, and support services for survivors. Collaboration with various stakeholders aimed to create lasting change, promoting gender equality and non-violence. The project ultimately aspired to create a society free from violence and discrimination against women and girls.