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Education Empowers Kurmin Sata

Balkisu Bashir and her friend.

Once upon a time, getting an education was tough for children in Kurmin Sata. They had to travel far just to go to school, and many girls never got the chance. Parents struggled to pay for transport, often forcing them to marry off their children early.

But things changed when ActionAid Nigeria and Hope for the Village Child stepped in. They built a primary school right in Kurmin Sata, making education much easier to reach for children in the commuity.

One girl, Balkisu Bashir, shows just how big this change is. She went to the new school and now she's in secondary school. Balkisu says “I carry myself with pride as a girl. Education is very important for a girl-child. In our community, not everyone allows a woman to go to school after marriage. I wouldn't be as happy if I hadn't gotten the opportunity to go to school because I can now assist my parents".

Now, Kurmin Sata is a place where dreams come true, thanks to education being right there in their own community.

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Emmanuel Opara